I’m white and I hate my hair. But I will not be denied a job for my hair. I will not have random people wanting to touch my hair. I will not be asked if I have a weave. I will not be kicked out of school for my hair. I may hate my hair, but will not be persecuted because of if. White people do not need the natural hair movement.




You want weird tv episodes that you’ve never seen before? It’s probably been on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You want a musical episode? Buffy. An episode with no talking at all? Buffy. A good laugh about a demon-hunting dummy? Buffy. What about one where hyena ghosts posses high school students and then go eat their principle? Guess who. Just go watch Buffy you piece of shit.




Kacy Catanzaro: the first woman in history to qualify for Mt. Midoriyama.

I just need everyone to watch this video [x]. She’s a 5 foot, 100 lb gymnast and she beasts through this insanely difficult, heavily upper body focused course like it was her morning jog. The camera keeps cutting to these massive, musclebound men in the audience with their mouths hanging open. 

i’d like to speak to you about the avengers initiative

I watched it with my parents and were all cheering when she made it up to the top.  Less than 1/3 of the competitors that night were able to.

Can’t wait to see the other women who qualified run their city finals.

Goodbye To Quebec- Author Unknown

<Google doesn’t know either>

No matter what happens I’ll remember Quebec

With the Laporte murder, and Rene Levesque,

The Cross kidnapping, The F.L.Q.,

And who will forget Bill 22?


Quebec and I were always true

Till she found out I don’t “Parlez-vous”

And so she said to me “mon chum”

Your days in Quebec are almost done.


I overlooked bombings as everyday strife,

And the army in Montreal, well, just part of life.

And the license plates sported “La Belle Province”

Not once did I call Quebec “Little France.”


<This stanza is kinda fucked up and inappropriate so TRIGGER WARNING WWII, antisemitism and ableism>

Look back in history, time hasn’t changed,

Hitler and Levesque, both mentally deranged.

Quebec is like Germany in World War II

About as healthy to be English as it was to be a Jew.


So I’ll leave Quebec to those who would stay

And my blessing for a happier day.

But you’ll need more than blessings when you have to sing

"All Hail Levesque - God save our King."


One last remark, I cannot refrain,

Bourassa gets credit for part of the blame.

We could have stopped him so never forget

Where was the help from our Prime Minister pet.


So to Vancouver I must go -

To see my Canadian friends to say “Hello.”

And if at the border they won’t let me pass

I’ll tell them to kiss my “CANADIAN ASS.”